Possible nice upgrade for your (IP)Cam. Exchange the standard lens with another focal length to adjust the view of the camera. My Foscam came with a standard 6 mm and I tried the 3.6mm lens. It did gave a wider view but recognizing faces became to difficult in my situation. Also I have the impression that the original lens of the FI8904w was of better quality (adjusting the brightness and contrast worked better with the standard lens). I’m using the new 6mm lens now and I’m not completely satisfied. I’m not sure if it is because of the quality or the fact that I damaged the screw thread so my lens is probably not aligned perfectly.

It’s kinda hard to find so the link to the Deal Extreme product page is here: DealExtreme Gadgets at the Right Price.

I was made aware of the lens kit by this blog page.

Please pay attention with the Foscam FI8904w IP CAM. Before removing the lens, first remove the IR LEDS and remove a tiny screw holding the lens in place. I’m not sure if every cam has it, but I damaged my lens screw-thread because the screw was holding the lens. Also