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I needed an energy efficient voltage regulator board to get a stable 3.3volts out of a 18650 battery which has a nominal voltage of 3.7volts but at full charge they reach 4.2volts. Until now I reduced the voltage with 0.7 volt by using a 1N4148 diode in series but that is far from ideal. In other situations where prototype boards contain an onboard voltage regulator they use often to much energy in standby that a battery won’t last too long.

I’ve designed a 3.3 volt board using a MCP1703 and two capacitors. Very simple setup and it should do the job. Max current is 250 mA they say. I designed the board using Eagle. You can find the design files here: 

I’ve ordered the PCB’s at Seeedstudio which will take a while to get them delivered. So I hope to update this page in a month with the final conclusion. Did the board work and is the design okay. I haven’t tested the schematic either, didn’t have to components yet and it’s not too complicated.