I started this blog site at the end of 2009. At that point I was facinated by the amount of blogging, social and photo sites and started playing around with some of them to determine the possibilities they have to offer.  This was more about being able to combine several services like mobypicture, ping.fm, Twitter, and so on.

Around may 2010 I have published some articles which usually contain no rocket science but are an archive for myself or contain some collected information related to specific products, software or solving very specific issues that might help visitors.

The articles are often related to my photography hobby and also cover other areas like: Projectmanagent, Lifehacking, Software tools, Social Media, Astronomy,  and products or toys I found and like to share with the rest of the world.

Since december 2010 I’ve added a Do It Yourself Waterdrop Device page to this site. It’s about a microcontroller controlled setup that can create accurately timed waterdrops to take amazing pictures.

I hope you like the articles and the information shared and let me know if an article did help you to achieve your goals.


Alexander van der Sar