With the modern digital camera’s and cheap memory cards, you don’t have to think about the number of photos you take. Just push the shutter button, take 50 photos and the right moment will be captured in one of the 50 pictures. This also makes that you become a little sloppy when taking pictures. Of course you think about the composition and lighting, but hey, you can take many pictures using different settings so you can make it a ‘trial and error’ exercise.

Because of the above issue and because it gives a nostaligic feeling, I decided to buy a second hand SLR using regular film rolls. Those camera’s, which are often still rather advanced pieces of technology, can be bought for 25-50 euro’s on ebay.  The SLR can handle film rolls of up to 36 shots so I should really think about the composition, lighting and focus before I press the shutter. There won’t be a histogram or sample of the photo on a display to check. I have to wait until the roll is developed and printed before I know the results.

Because I already own a Nikon D5000 dSLR,  I looked for a Nikon SLR and found the Nikon F80 (N80 in USA). The camera offers autofocus, lightmetering, and hotshoe for my Nikon SB-26 which I use for Strobist photography. It can also handle the AF-S lenses I have, although most are for DX format sensors while a film SLR is FX format. The image from the lens won’t cover the whole film therefor resulting in a lot of vignetting. I haven’t made a picture yet but the lenses do work.