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SensorBox v0.16 available

A new version of my SensorBox code for Arduino is available for download. Some of the improvements are: Optimized code. A loop is created to upload data of the TinyTX sensors to Open.Sen.Se ChannelID’s are stored in EEPROM ChannelID’s configurable via Telnet Watchdog timer Use the code as an example to build your own. There […]

Arduino DIY – Software updates

At the moment I’m still working to improve the DomoticaBox, SensorBox, Wireless LCD Display software. Once I have a new complete matching set that is suitable for download, I will update the links on this site again. Some improvements are: Watchdog to auto reset in case of lockups Use EEPROM for storing Open.Sen.Se feedID’s for […]

RTC timesync to Arduino

I’ve added some new code to the wireless LCD Display and my Raspberry PI to set the time on the wireless LCD display correctly and regularly. The wireless LCD Display has a DS1307 RTC connected but it is not the most accurate so time will shift after a while. The Arduino time library has an […]

Sensor Box

I’ve been working on replacing the 433Mhz cheap transmitters (send only) by the RFM12b 868 Mhz Transceivers (send & receive) by using the RF12 library from jeelib. Things are working now, but it’s quite a bunch of work to convert all devices ;-). Also I’m very happy with the Attiny84 microcontrollers which allow some low […]

Energy monitoring with Arduino

Since we’ve bought a bunch of solar panels on our roof, I’m building an electricity monitoring device based on the Arduino microcontroller. It’s running for a while, monitoring solar power generation but now it can also read the Smart energy Meter which we got from the energy company.  So currently it reads and/or calculates the […]

Updated URL structure

I’ve made an update in the way this site uses URL’s. Before it used URL’s like: As of today I’ve modified the site to use URL’s with the postname in it. Like: It might take a while until the new URL’s are available within the search engines. Use the site search to find […]

Solar panels installed

Solar panels installed

Since september 20th we are the proud owners of 13 solar cells on our roof with a maximum peak of 3120 watts. This should be sufficient to cover at least 50% of our electricity consumption. The panels ‘look’ towards East-South-East. For who is interested, the brand of the panels is Komaes 240 Wp. The invertor […]