Flickr is a very popular photosharing site. Basically you can use it to store your pictures and share those with your friends and/or family or make them available to the rest of the world. A free account offers you 100 MB of photo uploads a month and you can view the last 200 uploaded photos.

Upgrading to a Pro account offers you unlimited storage of photos and unlimited uploads. Because you can set privacy levels on your photo’s you can also upload photos you don’t want to share but just store (backup). It only costs you $ 24,95 a year!

By upgrading to a Pro account you have an ideal backup system for all your photos. It’s ONLINE and OFFSITE so you have a backup even in case your house burns down (hope it never happens though!).

Flickr offers a standard upload tool making it easy to upload many pictures at once and set privacy levels and categories on them. It’s available on the Flickr website at: Creating a backup of your photos is a piece of cake now.

Restoring your photos is a different story. Flickr doesn’t offer the ability to download all your photo’s at once so it will take you a lot of time to restore the photos manually. A solution is created by using: FlickrEdit. (Before it was a utility called FlickrBackup) This utility is free and offers you the ability to download many photo’s at once to your harddrive. The new FlickrEdit utility offers even more possibilities than FlickrBackup did.

My ideal backup stragegy for your photo’s would be:

– Create a backup of your photo’s on Recordable DVD’s

– Upload all your photos to Flickr (Pro Account) (and set your privacy level!)