August 2015

Mohio – Visualize your Cloud

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I'm a big fan of Evernote and sometimes I just go through my notes, notebooks and tags to clean things up. Sometimes I then just check Google to see if people have good suggestions related to what I'm doing. In this case, I came across a site called where you can connect some of [...]

July 2014

Time Machine with Raspberry Pi

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Create a Time Machine backup location for you Mac OS X systems using a Raspberry Pi and an USB harddisk. Works like a charm! Setup your Raspberry Pi with Raspbian and connect the USB Harddisk. Login to your RPi and execute the following command: $ sudo fdisk -l Your disk will be one of the /dev/sd* [...]

Cobblebot 3D Printer @Kickstarter

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If you are looking for a 3D printer, you should look at the Cobblebot 3D printer on Kickstarter. For only $ 299,- (about € 220,-) you can get a 3D printer with a print area of 15"x15"x15". It has a fixed printer bed and a large 6" LCD Display. Looking forward to receive mine by [...]

December 2013

Use your smartphone as document scanner

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A simple post today about using your smartphone as a (document)scanner to digitize about anything. For some reason I knew this existed, but never really looked into it. Usually I use my Canon multifunctional for duplex scanning my mail, forms, invoices and so on and store it in Evernote. Check my article about using wappwolf [...]

November 2013

Rsync backup Mac OS X to Synology

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I use Apple's Time Machine to make a regular backup of my Macbook. This seems to work okay, but so now and then it needs to redo the complete backup to remain reliable.... That sounds a little unreliable to me. Because most of my data is on my Synology NAS or in the Cloud like [...]

October 2013

Rsync backup Synology to Raspberry Pi

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I've been using the  Strato Hidrive service for a couple of years now to make a remote backup of my local Synology NAS. This is done using Rsync that is available on the Synology and with Hidrive. Strato Hidrive offers much more than only Rsync, but I just use it for remote backup. Actually I [...]

Yoink – Drag and Drop thingy for Mac OS X

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Yoink is a nice little app I found in the appstore and I want to share with you. This app shows a little sidebar when you need it, which is when you  want to drag and drop something on your Mac. This is one of the apps you didn't knew you need it. Having many applications [...]

September 2013

Scan to Evernote using

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This article describes how to upload scanned documents to Evernote automatically using the online service Scanning your paper documents directly into Evernote is handy, but not many (almost none) of the scanner manufacturers have this option build into their scanner. If your scanner can scan directly to email that is useful to send documents [...]

January 2013

Sensor Box

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I’ve been working on replacing the 433Mhz cheap transmitters (send only) by the RFM12b 868 Mhz Transceivers (send & receive) by using the RF12 library from jeelib. Things are working now, but it’s quite a bunch of work to convert all devices ;-). Also I’m very happy with the Attiny84 microcontrollers which allow some low [...]