July 2016

OMD v1.30 available for Raspberry Pi (ARMv7)

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An updated version of Open Monitoring Distribution (OMD) is available at the Bananian site here. They've build it for the ARMv7 (BananaPi, Raspberry Pi 2 & 3, OrangePi). I've written a complete install manual for version 1.00 which should work for version 1.30 too. Just make sure you use Raspbian Jessie. The related Check_mk_agent files can [...]

February 2016

LoRaWan Gateway – DIY

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This post will describe how to build your own LoRaWAN gateway to connect to i.e. The Things Network or other IOT Networks. If you haven't heard about the LORA technology and TheThingsNetwork and you are interested in Internet of Things, do some googling ;-) You've probably found this article because you are looking for a [...]

January 2016

RF 433Mhz to MQTT Gateway

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I've upgraded my domotica setup with a Philips Hue. Before I switched the lights using a remote control or via Node-Red and using the cheap 433 Mhz wall outlet switches of Elro, Klik Aan/Klik Uit, Action, and so on. Since the install of the Hue I was missing the remote control to easily switch the [...]

December 2015

October 2015

The Things Network – LoRaWAN

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We are at the start of a worldwide roll-out of a global open crowdsourced Internet of Things data network. If you have any interest in IoT or want to be part of the beginning of something big, check out the page that explains all, The Things Network. In short the guys behind this build a wireless [...]

July 2015

MQTT Data display using ESP8266 and OLED display

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Oled display connected via SPI to NodeMCU Development board containing ESP8266 (type 12) = the silver square and FTDI for easy USB connection. Finally I made some time to play a couple of hours with a new type of microcontroller that offers a lot of possibilities. Especially for Internet of Things purposes! I'm [...]

February 2015

Mac OS X – write images to SD Card with high speed

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Writing SDCard images using my Macbook took way to long, up to half an hour to write one simple Raspberry Pi image to a SDCard. I just did what many instructions told me to do. You will probably recognize this command: dd if=/path/to/image/file.img of=/dev/disk3 bs=1m  (where /dev/disk3 depends on your system). Then I came across [...]

January 2015

Raspberry Pi Open Monitoring Distribution setup guide

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I use a setup of some Raspberry Pi's to monitor my own systems and some systems of my customers. My main goal is to be informed on system status (warnings and criticals) via one portal and preferably before my customers notice incidents on their systems. There is no need for expensive and energy consuming systems [...]

September 2014

OSMO – Play with real objects on iPad

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Osmo created a great product to combine real life objects and playing on the iPad. Using a small mirror which can be mounted on the iPad front cam the Osmo apps can recognize objects placed in front of the iPad. With the game Tangram you see shapes on the iPad screen which you have to create [...]

July 2014

Time Machine with Raspberry Pi

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Create a Time Machine backup location for you Mac OS X systems using a Raspberry Pi and an USB harddisk. Works like a charm! Setup your Raspberry Pi with Raspbian and connect the USB Harddisk. Login to your RPi and execute the following command: $ sudo fdisk -l Your disk will be one of the /dev/sd* [...]