The Adobe Acrobat PDF format has become a very popular format which is ideal to share documents. Anybody who has the free Adobe Acrobat Reader can open the document. The format can be read on many platforms like Mac OS-X, Windows, Linux and even mobile devices. The PDF format is usually read-only so it’s ideal to share documents like invoices with your customers.

It is very easy to create a PDF yourself using PDF995 which can be downloaded at (download PDF995). The application can be used for free but it will show you an advertisement each time you create a PDF. For $9,95 you can buy a license which removes the advertisements.
There is also a PDF995 Suite available offering more functionality.

The PDF995 adds a printer to your system. This means you can create a PDF from each application you use by just print and select the PDF995 printer instead of your regular inkjet or laserprinter.

There are many applications available to create PDF’s with. This is just one example which is cheap and has worked for me for some years now. The goal of this post is to show you anybody can create a PDF and it is no rocket science !