During my lunchbreak I went to the ‘Hema’ to submit my first analog
roll of film for processing. Now I know how people from the analog age
feel when they have to submit their digital photos using a memory card
or USB stick for the first time.

I stood there looking at a digital device and wondering where the paper
envelopes are to put my roll of film into. Once I found the envelope I
had to find myself a pen and write my address details and check which
format I want for the photos to be printed on. Then I had to search for
a place to drop the envelop to send the stuff to photo lab.

During that moment I could imagine how a person must have felt who was
used to rolls of films and had never used digital stuff before. Here you
are then…. With your digital memory card for the first time. Where
should he put the memory card and oh no…he dropped it into the envelope
instead of the memorycard reader of the device…

We are never to old to learn 😉 Now let’s wait until the roll of film
is developed and printed.