Since the start of my blog I’ve written several pages on Do It Yourself (DIY) projects like the Photo waterdrop device and a bunch of domotica stuff. While time passes by, technology improves and it’s time to move these older pages to the Archive section.

The waterdrop device for example is still fun to build but instead of a keyboard and LCD display I would now just pick an Arduino (or ESP8266) with WiFi and connect the Blynk library. Control it from you smartphone!

Also my domotica setup has changes. While I still use parts of the original setup, some of the parts are obsolete now in my current setup. For example I moved away from for logging data and setup a local Docker container on my Synology with InfluxDB and Grafana. Node-Red has become the core of my domotica setup. I want to start writing new pages with more recent and up-to-date information.

Still the archives are fun to read, contain useful information so here they are. Select them from the menu under DIY – Archive!