For about 4 years I’ve been running my domotica setup using Arduino’s, Raspberry Pi’s and TinyTX. Step by Step I’ve added more components and upgrade the setup. You can read a lot about my older setup in the DIY – Archive.
Gradually I’ll be updating this page to add my recent setup.

My current setup is build around:

  • Docker Containers (running on Synology NAS and Intel NUC)
  • Portainer to manage the containers
  • Node-Red
  • Domoticz
  • Homebridge (for Apple Homekit)
  • InfluxDB (for storing data)
  • Grafana (for graphs)
  • NGINX (to access all these apps remotely)
  • TinyTx Sensors (from my previous setup)
  • The Things Network (Open LoRaWAN network)
  • Zwave, Philips Hue, ESP8266 and probably more…

I’ve reduced the amount of Raspberry Pi’s in my setup. Most of the above applications were running in Docker Containers on my Synology DS-716 II NAS. Since the amount of containers increased I added an Intel NUC to the setup running most of the containers. Only the containers with databases are now running on the Synology NAS (since that one has enough storage and RAID1).

Using Docker turned out to be stable and upgrading to new versions of the tools is rather easy and made even more simple using Portainer.

From being a Windows guy for many years I moved over to Apple for a couple of years now. Therefore I like to get stuff up and running with i.e. Homekit, Siri for voice control and Apple Watch. Though you’ll also find Google Nest in my setup.

I’m not going to write all minor details on how to setup specific software when you can find this information easily elsewhere. I rather inspire you how you could setup things and sometime provide you with links and code to get it done.

to be continued…