Evernote…. Haven’t written about this incredible application before and I don’t know why not.

What is it? Your notes everywhere and forever. Evernote is available online, on mobile platforms and PC’s. From iOS, Android to Windows and Mac OS X. You can store all your knowledge into Evernote. In short you can:

  • Create text-, photo and audionotes
  • Save webpages including text, links and images,
  • Synchronize all your notes between all your devices
  • search for text in screenshots and images

Evernote indexes your notes and performs text recognition on your images, therefore making it very easy to find back information. You can tag your notes and create multiple notebooks. You can save PDF files in Evernote, so you have your ebooks, flyers or documents available with you.

Personally, I started small. Just using it as an application to save my notes. Soon I started adding ebooks to Evernote and nowadays I scan most of my important documents and add it to Evernote. I’m a paying Evernote users which offers me some additional features.

Because Evernote is a online service it is possible to connect other online services. An example:
I daily check my Twitter messages at a moment that I feel like it. When I find an interesting Tweet, I mark it as a favorite. My favorite tweets are added to my Instapaper account. (Instapaper is a service to collect pages to read later). When I’ve read the article and want to keep it I mark it as a favorite in Instapaper. The article is added to my Evernote automatically and available to me on all my devices.

I’ve connected a Canon MX-885 all in one printer. Unfortunately it cannot scan directly to Evernote but it can scan to PDF. Once I’ve scanned the documents I want to keep. I simple ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’  them to Evernote by using the regular windows keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+C’  and Evernote shortcut ‘Ctrl+Alt+V’. I tag the document, move it to the appropriate notebook and done.

Think about it:

  • Once in a while I export my complete contents to a local folder which I add in my regular backup schedule.
  • Think about what you save online. Evernote is not encrypted. You can encrypt some tekst but it’s not top of the bill encryption. Create encrypted PDF’s yourself if you think you need to or don’t save it online.

Want to know more:

First of all, visit www.evernote.com and create your free account and start using. Want a kickstart? Check out the great ebook written by Brett Kelly, Evernote Essentials.