I usually use my windows mobile phone with build in GPS receiver to store the locations where I take pictures. One of the downsides of this is that the phone has to stay on continuously (I just record the whole route which I walk or drive) which drains the battery quickly.

TRANSYSTEM i-Blue 747A+ Navigationssystem

Now I found one of the many GPS Logging devices which is the iBlue 747A+ which is capable of storing 125.000 waypoints. By storing a waypoint every second you can still record continiously for about 34 hours (which the battery won’t hold). The device can be used as a regular Bluetooth GPS in combination with a Laptop or PDA but the best part is it’s build in memory on which you can store the 125.000 waypoints. At home you can download the log file from the GPS device and use a Geotagging tool to geotag your photos. One of the many options is to display your route on Google Earth and so on.

To make the most out of your iBlue 747A+ or some other MTK II chipset based GPS devices, have a look at the BT747 software at www.bt747.org.

To find one rather cheap, check Ebay.

I’ve set the log frequency of the iBlue to every 5 seconds, you can do this with the software from bt747.org. This makes it possible to continuously log your position for 7 days! Just recharge the battery every couple of hours. Be aware, if something goes wrong, you loose your records at once.

I use the software from www.bt747.org to download the log files from the iBlue device as GPX format and sync it using GpicSync with my JPG and NEF (Nikon RAW Format) photos. Pay attention to the time settings so your Camera and GPS are in sync.

Update: When uploading your photos to Flickr, make sure you’ve set the option “Import EXIF location data” within your Privacy and Permissions tab under Your Account. This will make sure a map with location information is shown next to the photo.