I was wondering what kind of benefits I could get from my iPad in combination with my Photography hobby. This is one of the things where I believe the iPad brings me some benefits:

I got an iPad 64GB and a 3rd party camera connection kit (I name it CCK from now on). On Ebay you can get those for less than 10 euro’s (the camera connection kit of course). The CCK allows you to import your JPG and/or RAW files from you SD-Card or using USB cable directly from you camera. For this workflow it is best to set the camera to save a RAW+JPG. Both are imported into the iPad where the JPG is shown in the photo viewer. The JPG is also used to upload the photo to Flickr by i.e. Flickr Studio app. The RAW (and JPG) can be uploaded to Dropbox by using the Dropbox app.

When you shoot in RAW only you will find that during importing the RAW files, a thumbnail JPG is created for you Photo album on the iPad. When using 3rd party apps to send you photo’s to i.e. Flickr, you see that only that tiny thumnail is uploaded. Instead of a high res 12 Megapixel JPG you will find a very small size thumbnail. When shooting in RAW+JPG or JPG only you can send the highres image.

The mindmap below shows the parts connected.




The apps that I have installed are:

Photosmith – To tag your images and sync with Lightroom !
Filterstorm – Edit your images
Snapseed – Quick Tuning
Colorsplash – Selective color
Photogene – Edit RAW files
Flickr Studio – Do all you need with Flickr
Dropbox – Online Storage

One remark. On the iPad 1 there might be a limit to save your JPG’s at 7.5 megapixel. With the iPad 2 this is 22 megapixel.

A Dropbox account is free and if you use this link, we both get an additional 250 Mb of free storage space. This will give you 2250 Mb instead of 2000 Mb to start with !

Update: Check this post about Camerasync app too!