LightRoom TreeExporter plugin offers the ability to export a complete folderstructure with contents to a new location with i.e. JPG files while preserving the folder structure.

When you store all your photos in RAW format you might run into the situation that your family members want to view or use the photos without using Lighroom or other RAW capable program.  

Beside my ‘My Pictures’ folder where I store all my RAW photos in a hierarchical folder structure I wanted to create a seperate folder like ‘My JPG Pictures’ where I can store a JPG version of all my RAW photo’s. (this folder is located on a network drive so my family members, but also the Xbox, Mediaplayers, and so on, can access the photos).
The structure of the folders below ‘My JPG Pictures’ should be equal to the folder structure in ‘My Pictures’.

To achieve this in Lightroom you have to create and export each folder (with RAW files) individually which can be a time consuming job. The Lightroom TreeExporter plugin is the solution to do this quickly. You can select a parent folder like ‘My Pictures’ and tell the plugin to export it to ‘My JPG Pictures’. Set the regular export settings like compression, format and so on. It will export all the RAW files to the new location as JPG (when JPG is chosen as export format).