Since a while I am posting all of my photo’s to, but views stayed behind and I was wondering how to get more views and comments. Besides having a backup of my photo’s on Flickr, this is where you make photo’s for…. Sharing !

Since a week or so I’m posting my best photo’s to several Flickr Groups of which the Flickr Bronze Award group is one. People can reward my photo’s by replying with a ‘bronze Award’ and after ten rewards, you are invited for the Silver Award and after ten silver….. you are invited for the Gold award.

Although you can have doubts to what those awards add to your portfolio because you have to award other photo’s when you publish one of your own and therefore you are forced to view other pictures, it does creates more views and people start looking at other photo’s too.

Today I have a milestone in receiving my first (and second) Silver award invitation.

1st Silver Award Photo


2nd Silver Award Photo


Let’s see when I get my first Gold award 😉