OMD v1.30 available for Raspberry Pi (ARMv7)

//OMD v1.30 available for Raspberry Pi (ARMv7)

OMD v1.30 available for Raspberry Pi (ARMv7)

An updated version of Open Monitoring Distribution (OMD) is available at the Bananian site here. They’ve build it for the ARMv7 (BananaPi, Raspberry Pi 2 & 3, OrangePi).

I’ve written a complete install manual for version 1.00 which should work for version 1.30 too. Just make sure you use Raspbian Jessie.

The related Check_mk_agent files can be found at their download location too,

To install check_mk_agent on a raspberry pi you type the following commands from a home directory:

sudo dpkg -i check-mk-agent_1.2.6p12-1~bpo8+1_armhf.deb

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