Raspberry Pi Open Monitoring Distribution setup guide

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I use a setup of some Raspberry Pi's to monitor my own systems and some systems of my customers. My main goal is to be informed on system status (warnings and criticals) via one portal [...]

Ingocraft 3D Printable construction kit

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I found a nice project on Kickstarter.com, Ingocraft 3D printable construction kit and 3D modeling App. The Ingocraft construction set combines hands on making with a fun 3D modeling app, and is 3D printable for [...]

Time Machine with Raspberry Pi

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Create a Time Machine backup location for you Mac OS X systems using a Raspberry Pi and an USB harddisk. Works like a charm! Setup your Raspberry Pi with Raspbian and connect the USB Harddisk. [...]

Rsync backup Synology to Raspberry Pi

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I've been using the  Strato Hidrive service for a couple of years now to make a remote backup of my local Synology NAS. This is done using Rsync that is available on the Synology and [...]