This article describes how to upload scanned documents to Evernote automatically using the online service

Scanning your paper documents directly into Evernote is handy, but not many (almost none) of the scanner manufacturers have this option build into their scanner. If your scanner can scan directly to email that is useful to send documents to your Evernote email address.

I wanted a process without manual interference to scan documents to Evernote. At least, until the moment where I have to sort and tag them. The Windows version of Evernote has a watch folder. Documents stored in that folder are imported in Evernote automatically. You only have to set your scanner software so that scanned documents are stored in that watch folder and off you go.

When you have a Mac, there is no watch folder in Evernote. But there is a good solution available by using Wappwolf can do things to files stored in Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. I have created a folder in my Google Drive ‘Scan to Evernote’ and visited Google Drive Automator on Then I connected my Google drive account to Wappwolf.

Choose Create an new Automation, Choose the folder you created ‘Scan to Evernote’, then choose an action. In this case ‘Upload to Evernote’. You can then choose the notebook in Evernote where you want to store the files, you can tag it and add additional text to it. Additionally I’ve also added the action to upload it to Google Drive, to folder ‘Processed scans’. Finally I’ve added the action to delete the original file.

Now setup your scan software to store the scanned documents into your Google Drive ‘Scan to Evernote’  folder. For example, I’m using a Canon Pixma MX885 scanner that can scan to PDF directly. After scanning the PDF is stored in the Google Drive folder on my Macbook. It is uploaded to Google Drive and within 15 minutes it is processed by Wappwolf. The PDF is uploaded to Evernote, a copy is stored in Google Drive ‘Processed Scans’ and the original is deleted (from Google Drive folder ‘Scan to Evernote’  and therefore also on your local drive).

Actually you could skip the action to store a copy on Google Drive ‘Processed Scans’ but I like this additional safety to have a copy of the document. Once in a while I delete the content of this folder when I’m sure everything is in Evernote. (it has never gone wrong).

As you can see there are many options in Wappwolf besides upload to Evernote. You can automatically create PDF’s, convert PDF to Text, sign PDF’s, upload to Facebook, Skydrive, and much more. Check it out!

With their free plan you can process up to 100 files or 100 megabytes of data per day. Limited to 10 active automations. File size limit 25MB per file.

I you need more, they have paid plans but for private and small business use this should be sufficient.

Also, I use Google Drive in this example, but you can do the same with a Dropbox or Box account