In one of my older posts I wrote about camerasync to automatically upload your photos to several online storage services. I wrote this article before iOS 5 and Photostream were released.

I really love photostream which syncs all my photos taken or imported with my iPhone and/or iPad to my other devices. The only downside is that you cannot share your photostream with another user.

My girlfriend and I have both our own Apple ID and therefore our own iCloud and Photostream. So photos taken with my iPhone are only visible to me and sync only to the devices that use my Apple ID. Photos taken by my girlfriend are stored in her photostream. Using one Apple ID is no option because we don’t want to see all of each others photos on our devices.

I found that Camerasync App is the solution to automatically upload the photos from our iPhone or iPad (both CameraRoll and Photostream) to an online storage location. In our situation it is a FTP location on our NAS (network storage) at home.

As told in my previous post, camerasync automatically uploads each photo from Cameraroll to the online location. Now we can access each others photos on the network disk at home. We can pick the ones we like and do with it what we want without interfering with each others photostream.

Conclusion: If you want to share your photostream with somebody else, pick one of the camerasync supported storage locations and (one-way) sync your photos to that location.

TIP: Camerasync can upload your video’s too. Something which is not supported by photostream.