Since september 20th we are the proud owners of 13 solar cells on our roof with a maximum peak of 3120 watts. This should be sufficient to cover at least 50% of our electricity consumption. The panels ‘look’ towards East-South-East.

For who is interested, the brand of the panels is Komaes 240 Wp. The invertor is a Diehl Ako 3100s.
As always I love to have graphs of usage, connect stuff to the internet and so on. Unfortunately the official supplier tools to do this costs hundreds of euro’s.

As an alternative I’ve bought an Arduino Mega2560, the big brother of the microcontroller which I used in my prevous project, the waterdrop device. My main goal was to gather peak power and total power during the day. I’ve found a program that can upload it to  straight from the Arduino.

My stats are visible on my graph page at

I’ll be probably extending the functionality of the Arduino energy monitor in the next weeks and post my findings and sources on my site.