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February 2015

Update OMD 1.00 to 1.21 on Raspberry Pi

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Today the new Raspberry Pi 2 model B was announced. ARMv7 CPU with 1 Gb of memory. This made me search for OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution) for ARMv7 (Which can be found here). While searching I stumbled upon an update OMD 1.21 for ARMv6 which is the original Raspberry Pi. I have two Pi's running. [...]

January 2015

Raspberry Pi Open Monitoring Distribution setup guide

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I use a setup of some Raspberry Pi's to monitor my own systems and some systems of my customers. My main goal is to be informed on system status (warnings and criticals) via one portal and preferably before my customers notice incidents on their systems. There is no need for expensive and energy consuming systems [...]

August 2014

Create bootable USB stick

By |2016-10-30T21:20:16+00:00August 6th, 2014|Computer How-To, Tech|

I had to create an USB Bootdisk running DOS and preferably using my Mac. I found this great article explaining how to do this. It recommends two different tools of which I tried UNetbootin on the Mac and it created the bootdisk with FreeDos.    

October 2013

Rsync backup Synology to Raspberry Pi

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I've been using the  Strato Hidrive service for a couple of years now to make a remote backup of my local Synology NAS. This is done using Rsync that is available on the Synology and with Hidrive. Strato Hidrive offers much more than only Rsync, but I just use it for remote backup. Actually I [...]

February 2011

OpenDNS maakt je netwerk en internet gebruik veiliger

By |2011-02-11T21:35:53+00:00February 11th, 2011|Computer How-To, Lifehacking, Tech|

Het DNS (Domain Name System) is het systeem wat de internet adressen zoals vertaalt naar het bijbehorende IP adres zodat de website op onze computer getoond kan worden. Elke internet aanbieder heeft zijn eigen DNS server die je automatisch gebruikt als je van je internet aansluiting gebruik maakt. Dit is over het algemeen een [...]

Create your own PDF files

By |2011-02-03T22:52:22+00:00February 3rd, 2011|Computer How-To, Lifehacking|

The Adobe Acrobat PDF format has become a very popular format which is ideal to share documents. Anybody who has the free Adobe Acrobat Reader can open the document. The format can be read on many platforms like Mac OS-X, Windows, Linux and even mobile devices. The PDF format is usually read-only so it’s ideal [...]

January 2011

Lightroom TreeExporter Plugin

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LightRoom TreeExporter plugin offers the ability to export a complete folderstructure with contents to a new location with i.e. JPG files while preserving the folder structure. When you store all your photos in RAW format you might run into the situation that your family members want to view or use the photos without using Lighroom or [...]