January 2016

RF 433Mhz to MQTT Gateway

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I've upgraded my domotica setup with a Philips Hue. Before I switched the lights using a remote control or via Node-Red and using the cheap 433 Mhz wall outlet switches of Elro, Klik Aan/Klik Uit, Action, and so on. Since the install of the Hue I was missing the remote control to easily switch the [...]

December 2015

April 2013

Arduino DIY – Software updates

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At the moment I'm still working to improve the DomoticaBox, SensorBox, Wireless LCD Display software. Once I have a new complete matching set that is suitable for download, I will update the links on this site again. Some improvements are: Watchdog to auto reset in case of lockups Use EEPROM for storing Open.Sen.Se feedID's for [...]

February 2013

RTC timesync to Arduino

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I've added some new code to the wireless LCD Display and my Raspberry PI to set the time on the wireless LCD display correctly and regularly. The wireless LCD Display has a DS1307 RTC connected but it is not the most accurate so time will shift after a while. The Arduino time library has an [...]

January 2013

Sensor Box

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I’ve been working on replacing the 433Mhz cheap transmitters (send only) by the RFM12b 868 Mhz Transceivers (send & receive) by using the RF12 library from jeelib. Things are working now, but it’s quite a bunch of work to convert all devices ;-). Also I’m very happy with the Attiny84 microcontrollers which allow some low [...]

Notification when host unavailable

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I needed a solution to check every x-minutes if my IP camera is still online. I use the service to send a notification when a certain host is not available. Checkout to see which kinds of notification services they offer. At least a notification to email and Prowl! is possible. I've combined the [...]

December 2012

Phone notifying doorbell with Pushingbox

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The sound of our regular doorbell isn’t heard everywhere in the house. Also, sometimes you know that somebody has been at the door but you don’t know who. I found the article below in which especially took my interest. Pushingbox is an online service which you can trigger from an Arduino microcontroller very easy. [...]

Energy monitoring with Arduino

By | 2016-10-30T21:20:16+00:00 December 1st, 2012|Gadgets, Lifehacking, Tech|

Since we've bought a bunch of solar panels on our roof, I'm building an electricity monitoring device based on the Arduino microcontroller. It's running for a while, monitoring solar power generation but now it can also read the Smart energy Meter which we got from the energy company.  So currently it reads and/or calculates the [...]