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Mohio – Visualize your Cloud

I’m a big fan of Evernote and sometimes I just go through my notes, notebooks and tags to clean things up. Sometimes I then just check Google to see if people have good suggestions related to what I’m doing. In this case, I came across a site called where you can connect some of […]

Use your smartphone as document scanner

A simple post today about using your smartphone as a (document)scanner to digitize about anything. For some reason I knew this existed, but never really looked into it. Usually I use my Canon multifunctional for duplex scanning my mail, forms, invoices and so on and store it in Evernote. Check my article about using wappwolf […]


Evernote…. Haven’t written about this incredible application before and I don’t know why not. What is it? Your notes everywhere and forever. Evernote is available online, on mobile platforms and PC’s. From iOS, Android to Windows and Mac OS X. You can store all your knowledge into Evernote. In short you can: Create text-, photo […]