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December 2015

August 2015

Mohio – Visualize your Cloud

By |2016-10-30T21:20:15+00:00August 6th, 2015|Lifehacking, Tech|

I'm a big fan of Evernote and sometimes I just go through my notes, notebooks and tags to clean things up. Sometimes I then just check Google to see if people have good suggestions related to what I'm doing. In this case, I came across a site called where you can connect some of [...]

January 2015

Raspberry Pi Open Monitoring Distribution setup guide

By |2016-10-30T21:20:15+00:00January 2nd, 2015|Computer How-To, Tech, Uncategorized|

I use a setup of some Raspberry Pi's to monitor my own systems and some systems of my customers. My main goal is to be informed on system status (warnings and criticals) via one portal and preferably before my customers notice incidents on their systems. There is no need for expensive and energy consuming systems [...]

October 2013

Yoink – Drag and Drop thingy for Mac OS X

By |2014-05-11T11:00:35+00:00October 13th, 2013|Lifehacking|

Yoink is a nice little app I found in the appstore and I want to share with you. This app shows a little sidebar when you need it, which is when you  want to drag and drop something on your Mac. This is one of the apps you didn't knew you need it. Having many applications [...]

April 2013

Arduino DIY – Software updates

By |2016-10-30T21:20:16+00:00April 2nd, 2013|Arduino, Tech, Uncategorized|

At the moment I'm still working to improve the DomoticaBox, SensorBox, Wireless LCD Display software. Once I have a new complete matching set that is suitable for download, I will update the links on this site again. Some improvements are: Watchdog to auto reset in case of lockups Use EEPROM for storing Open.Sen.Se feedID's for [...]

January 2011

Lightroom TreeExporter Plugin

By |2016-10-30T21:20:18+00:00January 28th, 2011|Computer How-To, Photography and Movie, Uncategorized|

LightRoom TreeExporter plugin offers the ability to export a complete folderstructure with contents to a new location with i.e. JPG files while preserving the folder structure. When you store all your photos in RAW format you might run into the situation that your family members want to view or use the photos without using Lighroom or [...]

December 2010

Create a video tutorial

By |2016-10-30T21:20:20+00:00December 29th, 2010|Computer How-To, Lifehacking, Tech, Uncategorized|

Today I had to create a manual on how to maintain a website. Although there probably are many documents available, it is sometimes very useful to create a tutorial which is specific for a specific website, customer or tool.  I had to make many screenshots, draw arraws to point to the buttons and edit boxes, [...]

August 2010

LastPass – The last password you’ll have to remember

By |2016-10-30T21:20:21+00:00August 21st, 2010|Computer How-To, Uncategorized|

LastPass is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure. Although I've never been enthousiastic about using a password manager, I'm completely convinced now! My main concerns were usability and reliability of the application. One of the main benefits of using a password manager is that you are able to use unique [...]

May 2010


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Speed up the way you work with your PC. I use fingertips to quickly enter notes, tasks and calendar items into Outlook but also start other tasks on my PC. It will speedup your daily work. Download it for free at

April 2010