A simple post today about using your smartphone as a (document)scanner to digitize about anything. For some reason I knew this existed, but never really looked into it. Usually I use my Canon multifunctional for duplex scanning my mail, forms, invoices and so on and store it in Evernote. Check my article about using wappwolf to automate this.

Sometimes I just want to digitize a document on another location or simply at the dining table during breakfast. (My scanner is in the addict and I have to wake up the computer to use it).

On the iPhone I use “Scanner Pro” app to take a photo of a document, recognize the border of the page and batch process multiple pages into one document. Next it uploads the final document to Evernote, Dropbox and more.

I hope this post triggers you to get the most out of your phone and improve your workflow. There are many scanner apps for both iOS and Android. Do some googling to find one that suits your needs.