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Wanhao Di3 Marlin Firmware

My Wanhao Duplicator i3 printer was still running on its initial firmware. This firmware lacks thermal runaway protection which is an important feature which can prevent fire. Thermal runaway protection stops heating the extruder when there is no temperature increase for a set period. This can happen when your thermistor is disconnected for example. I […]

Node-Red to Apple Watch

Node-Red to Apple Watch

Today I found a new app for the Apple watch which allows you to send information to the watch face or complication as Apple calls it. The app can be downloaded from the app store and is named “Complicated”. The site of creator can be found here: You can use IFTTT, Zapier or other […]

Ubiquiti Unifi WiFi

Over the past years I’ve used several brands of WiFi accesspoints. Way back I started with one of the first Cisco 802.11b accesspoints with only 11mbit. Meanwhile accesspoints of Linksys, Dlink and more recently the Apple Airport Express accesspoints have been used. Actually they all offered wifi and at the time of use an appropriate […]